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In detail

A bit of family history

Opened in 1976 with 25 rooms, the hotel expanded in 1984 to 42 rooms. Olivier, one of the sons and a trained chef, joined his parents in 1992 for the Winter Olympics. Among other things, he helped to make the food offerings even better, and trained the current chef who succeeded him in 2008 when he decided to leave to pursue other ventures. The second son, Raphaël, has managed the establishment since the departure of his parents in 1996, firstly with Olivier and eventually alone. Alongside his brother, he carried out the hotel's second transformation, bringing the total to the current 59 rooms and suites. Heavily involved in the day-to-day running, Raphaël, alongside his wife and children, strives to uphold the family values of hospitality and the great hotel tradition.